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An urgent care practice can supplement the services your primary doctor can provide, from extended office hours and short wait times to a more comprehensive suite of services available on-site than in most primary doctor’s offices. While your primary doctor cares for multiple chronic medical issues, we treat the problems facing you today. Also, for the cases where your primary physician would have to send you to an ED for a non-life-threatening condition, urgent care can eliminate much of the waiting and expense.

Absolutely! Just walk in to any of our locations.

We don’t take appointments. You can always just walk in when you need us.

No. You can be treated in our office without a referral.

Yes, you can see our doctor if you need us anytime. Visit our locations or virtual care for online doctor

No we don’t. we are totally private clinic but you are welcome to see our doctor with consultation fee

Yes, we accept both.

You'll need a valid photo ID. When you visit, you'll complete a short registration form, and then be seen by a doctor.

You should visit the emergency department for life and limb threatening conditions such as significant chest pain, shortness of breath, passing out and severely broken bones. Life threatening emergencies may require hospitalization and the advanced care available only at a hospital. Please call 999 if you are experiencing an emergency.

All our doctors are IMC certified. Most have their experiences in emergency medicine or family medicine.


From sprained ankles to sore throats: whatever your injury or illness, we’re here to help. Count on us for a full range of services, including physical exams, lab tests and screenings, on-the-job injuries, vaccines, women's needs, pediatric care, and more.

Absolutely. All of our doctors are experienced in Emergency Medicine or Family Medicine, and are well experienced in treating children. Many of us are parents, so we understand your parental concerns and will care for your children as we do our own.

Absolutely. Our doctors regularly provide complete physical exams (routine, for work, sports or school), including blood work.

Yes, we do STD testing.

Yes. We stock and administer a wide range of travel vaccines.

We sure do. Just walk in.

Referrals & Forms

Yes, we do medical form and eye test for driving licence.

Yes, our doctor can refer to any public or private hospital to see specialist for your condition or if you need scans referral i.e MRI, CT scan,Ultrasound, Xray

Yes, we will send your progress notes and any diagnostic results to the specialist.

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